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Meliss Vurig


Born on 17-01-1997

She's together with Gé

Meliss is new to the adult movies.

She made a few movies with Gekke peter for Kim holland productions 
and 1 movie for Hot Marijke.  

She's a crazy hyper exiting young girl that's in for the most things 

Her do's are: Trio mmf/ffm, gangbangs, 
rape play, soft bdsm, hard bdsm, gage play and DP!
She also love the hot cum of every man on here body, mouth and on here round big ass.

Her dont's are: Anal and P&P.

Meliss_vurig is 1,61 high. 
Blue green gray eyes. 
Big E cup an her clothing size is Small or a small M.


Meliss Vurig

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